we may be the new bird in town, but the
spectacle company’s principles are built
on over 30 years in the optical industry

After taking over the long-running family eyewear business in 2007, Scott Catton has branched
out as founder of The Spectacle Company, a new Canadian eyewear retailer focused on quality,
craftsmanship and simplicity.


At The Spectacle Co. we select and
maintain the largest collection of
eyewear and sunwear in the city.
We only book brands that have the same
uncompromising commitment to
design as we do.


Our technicians take great pride
to ensure your eyewear is hand-crafted
exactly as ordered. Locally made with
relentless attention to detail.


We believe that its the little things that
make a difference.  At home try-ons.  
In store cappuccino's.  A genuine desire to
exceed expectations.  The little things
are our specialty.


We want you to be completely satisfied with your eyewear purchase, and we also understand that deciding on the perfect frames while you are in our store can be difficult. So we encourage our customers to take a few pair home with them, wear them around for a day or two. It will be much easier to make your decision that way. Just one of the little things that sets TSco apart.